1.  We have vast experience in performing cataract surgery. Our surgeon has been operating for more than 22 years.

  2.  We are able to treat all types of complicated cataracts.

  3. We have the latest techniques

  4. We provide personalized and customized vision correction, meeting your visual needs. We are also able to correct presbyopia.

  5. We cater for all ages from the very young to very old. Choice of anesthesia may be topical or general. Our surgeon is attached to 2 major hospitals, patients is serious co-morbidity can be operated at either hospitals

  6. We are one of the five centers nationwide to provide  Phakic IOL’s (implantable contact lenses).

  7. We have a team of friendly and caring multiracial staff who takes good care of all our customers.

  8. We have many payment methods available i.e 0% easy payment plan from leading banks, MEPS services and we also accept payment by cheque (to be banked in 3 days prior to surgery)

  9. Our Centre is easily accessible via the LDP, KESAS and NPE highway. We are open 7 days a week and have expanded clinic hours in the night during the weekdays for your convenience

  10. With escalating prices, we still maintain our high standard of care at affordable prices.