Dr. Ranu was involved in the first ever national eye survey, conducted by the ministry of Health in 1996. It was found during this survey that 39% of BLINDNESS was caused by age related CATARACT.

Uncorrected refractive errors 48% and cataracts 36% were the major causes of LOW VISION in the one and only National Eye Survey was done in 1996.

Many folks without any family support or from welfare homes have received free or subsidized CATARACT surgery at Ranu Eye Specialist Centre. The lenses for the surgery are sponsored by various ophthalmic companies and Ranu Eye Specialist. Free pre operative screening programs, surgical expertise, and postoperative care are sponsored by Ranu Eye Specialist. We also have assisted dialysis patients in and around Puchong in screening for sight threatening conditions such as diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, and age related macular degeneration.

Ranu Eye Specialist annually screened hundreds of pre schoolers every year for low vision and refractive errors. We have helped diagnose children at risk of developing amblyopia (lazy eyes) and children who are color deficient.