Out Patient Ophthalmology Clinic

A comprehensive ophthalmology clinic providing routine eye exams, screening procedures and treating common eye problems besides treating sight threatening eye conditions such as cataract, glaucoma and diabetic retinopathy. Outpatient surgical procedures are done on the spot to save patients the trouble of coming on another day, for example, Incision and Curettage, peripheral laser iridotomies, pan-retinal photocoagulation, focal and grid retinal lasers and barricade retinal lasers to name a few. We also attend to all kinds of Ophthalmic Emergencies ranging from Ocular Trauma such as Chemical Injuries, Corneal foreign bodies and other industrial injuries like Ultra Violet Keratopathies (Welders Arc).



  • Lasers for Glaucoma e.g.,  Laser Iridotomies, Laser Trabeculoplasty
  • Barricade Retinal Lasers for Retinal Holes or Tears
  • Pan Retinal Photocoagulation
  • Focal Laser Photocoagulation


Modern Ambulatory Day Care Cataract Surgeries

Routine cataract surgeries are done every day of the week. However, we also receive some patients who require Complicated Cataract Surgeries for example in patients with High Myopia, Hyperopia, Astigmatism, Small Pupils, Patients with Uveitis, Glaucoma, Pseudoexfoliation Syndrome, Post Vitrectomized eyes and certain systemic disorders, etc. These patients have the advantage of having their surgeries done by our experienced surgeon minimising intra operative complications and improving surgical outcomes.

Non-Laser Refractive Surgeries

  • Clear Lens Exchange
  • Presby Lens Exchange
  • Multifocal IOL implants


Paediatric Ophthalmology

  • Paediatric Cataract Surgeries
  • Squint assessment and treatment
  • Amblyopia (Lazy Eyes) therapy


Oculoplastic Procedures

  • Correction of Entropion and Ectropions
  • Repair of lid injuries
  • Correction of Epiblepharon
  • Blepharoplasties
  • Removal of lid tumors
  • Enucleation and evisceration


Optometry Services

  • Visual assessment for infants and children
  • Cycloplegic Refraction
  • Convergence and accommodation assessment
  • Binocular Vision assessment
  • Lazy Eyes Screening
  • Specialty Contact Lens Fitting (Keratoconus Contact Lens Fitting)
  • Visual Field Assessment
  • Color Vision Test

General Clinic

The general clinic is located on the ground floor. This is convenient for patients with comorbidity such as hypertension, diabetes, asthma, ischemic heart diseases to name a few, to seek our doctor’s advice.

This allows us to counsel patients and do a preoperative assessment prior to their eye surgery and optimize their sugar levels or blood pressure.

The purpose of this clinic is also to see other patients with common ailments, perform blood screening procedures such as pap test to detect cervical cancer, breast examinations etc by our female general practitioner. The GP clinic is available 6 days a week. The services of our general clinic are as below:

  • Consultation
  • Health Examination
  • Medical Examination
  • Blood Tests
  • ECG
  • Pap Test
  • Vaccine Injection
  • Pre employment examination